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global events affect investment portfolios

How Do Global Events Affect Investment Portfolios: A Complete Insight

It is not uncommon for the world financial markets to see abnormal shifts in investment portfolios after a significant global event.  We’re barely past one such turbulent year! 2020 saw the spread of COVID-19 at an unprecedented speed, accompanied by a dramatic change in investors’

wealth management

What is Wealth Management?

Singapore’s stringent laws, sound financial systems, and politically stable conditions have helped to establish the country as one of the leading Wealth Management centres in the world. Singapore had an estimated millionaire population of 269,000 which is projected to reach 363,000 by 2024 (Source: Statista). 

private banking vs wealth management

Private Banking vs Wealth Management

Owing to its sound financial regulation and economic stability, Singapore is considered one of the leading countries for private banking and wealth management.  With strong capital markets and a growing suite of priority clients, the country has everything it takes to be the global leader

asset management vs wealth management

Asset Management vs Wealth Management

The finance niche is full of confusing titles and industry jargon.  And that’s the reason why it is often daunting to understand terminologies like asset management and wealth management, which are often used interchangeably. This article sheds light on the differences and similarities between the

hedge funds singapore

Everything You Need to Know About Hedge Funds

As the word ‘hedge’ suggests, it is an idea to secure the investor from incurring any losses first and then cater to his earning aspirations. It has been gaining a lot of traction in the 21st Century owing to its benefits over mutual funds and

types of hedge funds

Types of Hedge Funds

Alfred Winslow Jones’ organisation, A.W. Jones and Co., launched the idea of a hedge fund in 1949. He began investing with $100,000 in a combination of long-short positions to minimise his risk and made multiple folds thereafter.  The strategy he employed is today known as

investment banking vs wealth management

Investment Banking vs Wealth Management

In our earlier articles, we discussed the differences between asset management and private banking with wealth management. Between the three topics which have been compared, investment banking has the least commonality with wealth management in terms of the types of services offered. The core purpose

fund of funds

What is a Fund of Funds?

A fund of funds (FOF) is one of many types of investment funds which exist in the finance industry. It is also known as a Collective Investment or a Multi-Manager investment fund. In this article, we discuss what a fund of funds is, the investment strategy

wealth management treands

10 Game-changing Wealth Management Trends in 2020

Aside from investment risk-return, there are 10 trends in 2020 which affect investors and the wealth management industry. 1.  GEOPOLITICAL UNCERTAINTY 2020 has been a tumultuous year. On 31 January, we had Brexit which adversely affected the EU and caused internal political friction. Next, political

wealth management

5 Reasons wealth management is important in today’s world

“One must be deeply aware of the impermanence of the world.” ~ Dogen Zenji, Japanese Buddhist priest, writer, poet and philosopher. Today’s world is changing at a rapid speed in terms of technological advancement, intellectual awareness, global weather, financial evolution, and in many other areas