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What is a Fund of Funds?

A fund of funds (FOF) is one of many types of investment funds which exist in the finance industry. It is also known as a Collective Investment or a Multi-Manager investment fund. In this article, we discuss what a fund of funds is, the investment strategy

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10 Game-changing Wealth Management Trends in 2020

Aside from investment risk-return, there are 10 trends in 2020 which affect investors and the wealth management industry. 1.  GEOPOLITICAL UNCERTAINTY 2020 has been a tumultuous year. On 31 January, we had Brexit which adversely affected the EU and caused internal political friction. Next, political

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5 Reasons wealth management is important in today’s world

“One must be deeply aware of the impermanence of the world.” ~ Dogen Zenji, Japanese Buddhist priest, writer, poet and philosopher. Today’s world is changing at a rapid speed in terms of technological advancement, intellectual awareness, global weather, financial evolution, and in many other areas

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Understanding family offices

When day to day management of a family’s affairs is becoming a task which exceeds the capacity of a single individual family leader, it may be time to employ the services of a family office. Some prefer to set up their own or combine it with services from one that has a broader range of expertise and operating platform.

Wealth Management – Why Singapore?

Introduction This article briefly describes what “wealth management” is all about, and why Singapore ranks number 2 globally as the preferred offshore wealth hub. The crux of Singapore’s success: it provides investors with access to pan-Asian and global opportunities, supported by world-class wealth management capabilities.