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Technology Risk Management

Technology Risk Management Guidelines for Financial Organisations in Singapore

Over the years, the rapid proliferation of state-of-the-art technology makes it an excellent enabler for innovation. However, it also presents unavoidable, permeative and potentially high-impact risk. This risk can come in the form of data theft, compromised accounts, destroyed files, or disabled or degraded systems.

algo trading vs robo-advisor

Algorithmic trading vs robo-advisor: the 7 key differences

With a rise in popularity in robo-advisors, there has been an increase in marketing literature attempting to explain what robo-advisors do, with some confounding ones, equating robo-advisors with algorithmic trading.  In this article, we talk about the 7 points of differences between robo-advisory and algorithmic

algo fund

What are Algo Funds?

‘Algo’ is commonly used in short for ‘algorithmic’. An algo fund is one of the many types of investment funds available in Singapore and in countries with more mature trading markets or infrastructures, such as the United States of America and United Kingdom. Algo funds are

systematic trading

What is Systematic Trading?

Investors investing in a hedge fund seek to achieve absolute positive returns in all market conditions, i.e. they aim to be hedged from turbulent market volatility to reduce risk in their portfolio as compared to investments in other instruments. Hedge fund managers follow a plethora

Unit trust vs ETF

Unit trust vs ETF

Unit trusts and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are often confused as both are investment vehicles designed for investors to gain access to a basket of individual securities. Unit trusts, otherwise known as mutual funds, and ETFs are also broadly known as Collective Investment Schemes (CIS). The