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fund of funds

An Introduction to Foreign Exchange

Typically abbreviated as FX or forex foreign exchange is the process of converting or trading different world currencies. Foreign exchange activities usually occur in ‘foreign exchange markets’ and involve ‘foreign exchange rates.’ What are foreign exchange rates? In the simplest sense, foreign exchange rates are

Leverage and Margin Trading

Leverage in Forex vs Securities Trading

This article aims to clarify how leverage and margin differ between forex spot trading and securities trading. Forex Margin and Securities Margin are two different things In securities trading, margin is the money you borrow from the stockbroker/bank as a partial down payment along with

alternative investments

What Are Alternative Investments?

Most people know about the common types of investments such as stocks, bonds and cash. There is, however, another lesser known asset class which has greater growth potential and has been gaining popularity as investors search for higher returns amid the recent low yield environment.