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Unit trust vs ETF

Unit trust vs ETF

Unit trusts and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are often confused as both are investment vehicles designed for investors to gain access to a basket of individual securities. Unit trusts, otherwise known as mutual funds, and ETFs are also broadly known as Collective Investment Schemes (CIS). The products...

family office Singapore

Understanding family offices

When day to day management of a family’s affairs is becoming a task which exceeds the capacity of a single individual family leader, it may be time to employ the services of a family office. Some prefer to set up their own or combine it...

unit trusts

Understanding Unit Trusts

The first ‘unit trust’ was launched in the United Kingdom in 1931 to rival American mutual funds. Since then, it has evolved and flourished throughout the globe. Singapore alone has over a thousand unit trusts for investors to choose from....

asset management 2

Wealth Management – Why Singapore?

Introduction This article briefly describes what “wealth management” is all about, and why Singapore ranks number 2 globally as the preferred offshore wealth hub. The crux of Singapore’s success: it provides investors with access to pan-Asian and global opportunities, supported by world-class wealth management capabilities. What Is Wealth...

alternative investments

What Are Alternative Investments?

Most people know about the common types of investments such as stocks, bonds and cash. There is, however, another lesser known asset class which has greater growth potential and has been gaining popularity as investors search for higher returns amid the recent low yield environment. Fondly...


Out of the woods?

5 min read | Covid-19, Central Banks, Volatility, Alternative Assets With the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic seemingly appearing to be much under control compared to when it started, markets have since witnessed a huge rebound in appetite for risky assets in the past few weeks. Analysts are...