Global Currency Fund


Designed to deliver consistent and sustainable growth in the long run.

About the Fund

Salzworth Global Currency Fund trades the G10 currency universe, focusing on global FX trading opportunities.

The Fund runs a conservative FX strategy that seeks stable capital appreciation in the mid to long term, with a low correlation to the performance of traditional asset classes.

Strict risk management principles are put in place to safeguard the fund and its investors. We place the highest priority in controlling our risk and losses to preserve capital and aim for long-term wealth accumulation.

There is no lock-in period for this fund, thereby offering investors high liquidity while enjoying above industry-average returns on their capital.

Awards and Accolades

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What is our Investment Approach?

The Fund comprises multiple and diverse trading drivers, with each driver aiming to exploit different market opportunities and inefficiencies in the global FX market.

By building a portfolio of diverse FX trading strategies, we are able to diversify our risk allocation within the G10 space and regulate our capital drawdown, generate consistent and sustainable returns for the long run.

Our absolute strategies yield returns uncorrelated to conventional asset classes.

We use algorithms in our trade execution to help us trade the FX market efficiently. The use of algorithms eliminates human failings by providing a systematic and risk-disciplined approach in trade execution, optimizing speed and scale for the Fund.


Key Advantages of FX Spot Trading

  • Largest and most liquid global financial market
  • Long/short instrument entails profit potential in both bullish and bearish markets
  • Uncorrelated returns to equity and bond indices

Key Advantages of Algorithmic Trading

  • Objective trading without interference from human emotions
  • No down-time: able to monitor and execute trades at all hours
  • Able to execute trades much faster and more accurately than human traders
  • Able to trade more instruments in multiple markets
  • Disciplined approach in cut loss / take profit levels: not affected by emotions

Risk Management Principles

  • Invest in liquid instruments only
  • Incorporate multiple trading styles to limit market risk
  • Real-time monitoring of profit and loss enforced by algorithms, with disciplined risk limits and multiple tiers of stop-loss features to manage portfolio risk.

Portfolio Strategy of the Fund

The Fund aims to deliver absolute positive yearly returns in all market conditions.

Each of the constituent drivers in the portfolio trades on different factors and dimensions. This allows us to benefit from the various profit factors of the drivers and helps in diversifying our risk exposure and in regulating the overall drawdown.

Our experience in this industry is that a single strategy is not scalable in the long run without running into capacity and depth of market issues. By incorporating multiple diverse strategies into a portfolio, we are able to scale sustainably and deliver quality risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

We believe this approach will enable a consistent and sustainable growth of capital in the long run and delivers the best client experience across market cycles.

Demonstrable Track Record

Prior to the launch of the Fund in September 2019, the portfolio has been trading via a separately managed account since 2017.

The construction and management of the trading portfolio are built upon the Fund Managers’ decades of experience in the financial market and industry knowledge.

The Fund has achieved 100% positive yearly returns since inception.

Why Invest in Salzworth Global Currency Fund


Risk management comes first

Our focus on risk management is relentless and we do not chase profits blindly. We place the highest priority on controlling our risk and losses, which we believe is key to our ability in delivering sustained and superior investment performance for the mid-long term.

We believe in taking extra care of our losses and profits will take care of themselves.

Note to investor: While our investment approach seeks to control risk, risk cannot be eliminated.


Diversified and uncorrelated returns

We employ a diversified approach, spreading our portfolio risk across multiple diverse trading drivers to limit the loss contribution from any single one of them. This protects the overall portfolio’s downside exposure and avoids market spikes.

Each of the underlying trading drivers captures different alpha opportunities in the G10 currency space. On a whole, the portfolio aims to generate returns uncorrelated to conventional asset classes and to the broader market performance.

Note to investor: Past performance is not an indicator for current or future performance.


Liquid, low-volatility and alpha-seeking

Our trading primarily spans across the G10 currencies, and the FX market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. With portfolio allocation and diversification across multiple trading drivers and more than 20 currency pairs, we seek to capture quality risk-adjusted returns, while harnessing the power of diversification to help limit volatility and capital loss.

Note to investor: Diversification may not fully protect you from market risk.

Who is this Fund Available to?

Accredited Investors only, as defined in Section 4A(1)(a) of the Securities and Futures Act (SFA), Chapter 289.

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